Art exhibition "#4stages"

The new exhibition "#4stages" by art gallery MuseumLV of Cultural Centre Grata JJ is devoted to the International Baltic Ballet Festival. The festival, that is organized by the extraordinary Latvian ballerina Lita Beiris, celebrates its 25th anniversary under the title "From Classics to Avant-garde" all around Latvia. This year the festival should have taken place from 12 March, 2020. But unfortunately the global quarantine has made its strict temporary adjustments, but as the summer has come, the country’s cultural life is reviving, and the optimism of the GRATA JJ team and love of art served as reliable shield and support during the period of universal self-isolation.

So, by organizing the exhibition, the creative team of the gallery MuseumLV demonstrates its perception of Latvian national ballet history as aesthetical pleasure.

The exposition explores the existence of two interrelated phenomena: the art of ballet, as a tool for creating magical worlds of fairy tales, myths and legends that give humanity the definitions of good and evil, black and white, love and hatred, and on the other hand, the phenomenon of ballet artists devoting their entire lives to this world by virtue of extraordinarily heavy physical, spiritual and emotional work. By means of designing the scenery of the space and using a series of visual exhibits, the “#4Stages” show provides all viewers with opportunity to immerse themselves fully into the backstage of the theater world. Visitors will be able to enjoy the solemn splendor of theatrical costumes and the sophistication of ballet tutus from the «Swan lake» ballet in the “grand hall” of the gallery’s theater, take a glance into impromptu “rehearsal hall”, watch a video of actual training and appreciate the importance of everyday workouts and discover the first of a kind video instruction movie “Classical Ballet Technique", directed by Yakov Mirimov in 1946, which was created as a teaching tool for all the teachers of the Soviet ballet schools.


     The second floor of the gallery is fully dedicated to four ballet theatricals featuring prominent ballerina Lita Beiris - Peter Tchaikovsky's “Sleeping Beauty”, Adolf Adan's "Giselle" and Morris Ravel's "Bolero." The performance mood here is defined by the paintings of Dita Lūse, Kristīna Keire, Agnija Ģērmane, Ilze Laizāne, Ilze Preisa, Ieva Caruka and many other gallery artists, as well as young artists such as Eduards Dubrovskis, Aivis Pīzelis, Jana Nesteroviča, Ivans Mazeins, Anya Vero, Rita Uljanova and Dace Dēliņa-Lipska, Ieva Baumgarte, who have devoted their works to the theme of the exhibition.

     The core of the exhibition is made up of the works of famous Latvian artists Ivars Heinrihsons, Irēna Lūse, Džemma Skulme, Anita Kreituse, Aleksejs Naumovs, Lidija Auza, Uldis Zemzaris, Juris Dimiters, Ieva Muzikante as well as ballet costumes and objects – both contemporary and valuable historical exhibits. The exhibition features props and ballet costumes from the personal collection of Ieva Immertreija, a ballet dancer, costume designer and the head of the Ballet Class Association. Ieva has acquired a wide-range art education in Latvia and abroad and today she participates in the “4stages” exposition as a high-end member offering unique ballet costumes that have been tailor-made according to her sketches.

     The MuseumLV art gallery of the cultural center Grata JJ expresses its gratitude to all the artists who contributed to this project: Laine Kainaize, Linda Kozule, Gita Šmite, Eduard Zentsik, Elizabete Melbarzde, Aija Bāliņa, Zoja Geraskina, and to Ieva Immertreija personally for the equipment, costumes and active assistance in organizing the exhibition and the opening ceremony. We thank company «Ziedu Sēta» and Latvian National Opera and Ballet for the provided equipment.

     The creative group of MuseumLV gallery expresses sincere gratitude and appreciation to the collectors who provided works of art from their own collections, among them: «The view on opera» by Zenta Logina and «Swedish park» by Maija Nora Tabaka from Zuzāns collection, paintings from Pēteris un Ilze Tērmanis collection and paintings, sketches and costumes from Lita Beiris collection.

     The MuseumLV art gallery of the Cultural Center GRATA JJ creative group: 

  • Darya Samarina, culturologist  - communication with authors, management
  • Julia Eresko, artist - concept, scenography, selection of artworks
  • Guntars Gritāns,  art historian - communication with authors, selection of artworks
  • Jevgenija Šafraneka, journalist - video, communication
  • Ieva Immertreija, costume artist - ballet costumes, objects, live installations

Please note that in connection with the current situation, entrance to the exhibition “#4stages” is paid. The cost of one ticket is 5 euros, a discount ticket – 2 euros.

Kultūras centra Grata JJ mākslas galerija MuseumLV
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