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Латвийская ассоциация многокорпусных яхт (http://www.ldja.lv)
The sea, the sailing boat and the white sail, all have a special place on this Baltic Sea coast. The small country of Latvia has accomplished a lot in helping transform this ancient, romantic activity, associated with long journeys on the sea, into an exciting and dynamic sport, in keeping with todays demands. For several decades, the fastest, most qualitative yachts have been built here and the world record in speed has been broken. The first yacht from Latvia to circumnavigate the globe was built here and constructions from here have incited more and more interest.

What are these yachts with which Latvia has left a permanent mark on the yachting world? They are catamarans and trimarans, yachts with two or three hulls, grouped together under the name of multi-hull yachts. These pages will provide an insight into the fastest type of yacht, major competitions and records in speed, the prospect of improving these yachts further, the achievements of our designers and constructors, Latvian sportsmens furthest trips and their successes and failures in competitions. Our aim is to familiarise people with this unique, dynamic sport and make it accessible to a wider audience, from the young person looking for adventure to the more mature, in search of self-acknowledgement.

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Латвийская ассоциация многокорпусных яхт

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