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Registration for the Jūrmala Cycling Marathon opened

Sport event agency Alpha Baltic Sport has started registration for the whole Jūrmala 2012 marathon series, which will start with the Jūrmala Cycling Marathon on 19 May. On the website it is possible to register for every competition separately, or purchase the combined offer for all competitions of the season and compete for the result in the overall competition.

The third summer marathon season organised by Alpha Baltic Sport in Jūrmala will be opened 19 May 2012 with the international cycling competition Jūrmala Grand Prix 2012 and Jūrmala Cycling Marathon.

Jūrmala Grand Prix 2012 has been included in the International Cycling Union (UCI) Europe Tour 1.1 Class and will gather professional continental teams and athletes from the top European teams and both Latvian professional cycling teams. But the Jūrmala Cycling Marathon is for all who like active lifestyle.

Executive director of Toms Jurjevs: "We are glad to start our cooperation with the Jūrmala marathon series, for we are supporters of active and healthy lifestyle. After the first two seasons, we can see that this project has proven to be successful and long-term, that is why we have decided to give our contribution to its successful run. Must say, also the team is planning to participate in this cycling competition and popularise the meaning of active lifestyle in every person’s life."

As already mentioned, the series of marathons 2012 will take place in the biggest and most popular Baltic resort city ― Jūrmala. The start/finish area will be located at the very heart of Jūrmala next to the Dzintari Concert Hall. Thanks to the supporters of Jūrmala marathons, all children up to 12 will be able to participate in the 14 km Family ride free of charge, if registered timely. It should be mentioned that children will be able not only to participate in the marathon, but also take part in various activities during whole day.

The opening event of the Jūrmala marathon series on 19 May will be a special occasion not only for adults, but also children, and not only for professional athletes, but also for all enthusiasts of active lifestyle. Just before taking part in the 60 km Skandi Motors popular ride, or 14 km Family ride, you will have a wonderful opportunity to see the world’s best athletes competing in the 126 km ride.

The Jūrmala City Mayor Gatis Truksnis: "We are truly glad to cooperate with Alpha Baltic Sport in organising sport activities in our city for the third year. This Jūrmala marathon series makes the city more colourful, promotes sportive atmosphere, as well as encourages people to take their bicycles or rollerblades and spent their time with family by doing sports. These activities are accompanied with positive and free atmosphere, making Jūrmala people and guests more happy. I would like to mention that this year we will pay more attention to traffic flow so that drivers do not have to wait in big traffic jams on the competition day."

The total prize fund of the Jūrmala Cycling Marathon is EUR 4500 (3162 lats), as well as cups for the first place winners in every age bracket and teams overall competition, and also valuable prizes from our supporters. The prize fund of Jūrmala Grand Prix 2012 will be EUR 8686 (6105 lats), in this competition money prizes will be awarded to first 20 athletes.

It should be reminded that in 2011 Alpha Baltic Sport organised six international competitions, including the biggest rollerblade competition in Latvia. This year competitions will be organised in four different disciplines ― road cycling, rollerblading, MTB, and running. Some of the 2012 summer marathons organised by Alpha Baltic Sport are included in international sport events calendars, and some of the marathons have been awarded the status of Latvian championship.

For the Jūrmala Cycling Marathon taking place on 19 May 2012, all participants can choose the most suitable distance: the strongest ones are welcomed to take the 126 km sports ride, amateurs and companies’ teams can take part in Skandi Motors popular ride (60 km), but families and children ― in 14 km ride, in this ride there are no age limits.

Skandi Motors Marketing specialist Jana Krūmiņa: "Since we are very active supporters of cycling and engage both our employees and clients in this sport, we are extremely happy to support the run of popular ride within the Jūrmala Cycling Marathon. We have already started preparing for the cycling marathon, and this year we have put forward even more serious goals for our team. In order for everyone to be able to complete the 60 km ride, we ask everyone to prepare the sports inventory timely and do sports regularly! We think that participating in marathon is a wonderful opportunity to unite colleagues and compete for nominations not only during race, but also during the training process. And of course, actively spent leisure in open air is a remarkable gain!"

Participants’ registration
You can register for the Jūrmala Cycling Marathon on the official web page, at sport centre City Fitness clubs, or at all Fans sports goods stores until 16 May. Children up to 12 will be able to participate in the 14 km Family ride free of charge, if registered until the specified date.

It is advantageous to register until 26 April, when the participation fee is lower: LVL 12 for the sports ride, LVL 8 for the popular ride, and LVL 5 for the family ride. If registering from 27 April until the date indicated by the organisers, the fee is correspondingly LVL 15, LVL 1, and LVL 7

Until 26 April you can register for lower price, which is LVL 12 for sports class cyclists, LVL 8 for popular class cyclists, and LVL 5 for family ride track. After 27 April until the date set by the organisers, the participation fee will be LVL 15, LVL 10, and LVL 7, accordingly. If registering on the day of the race in Jūrmala, the fee for sports class cyclists will be LVL 20, popular class cyclists — LVL 15, and family ride members — LVL 10.

For companies’ teams (minimum four participants) that will register for the Jūrmala Cycling Marathon until 11 May 2012, 30% discount will be applied to the participation fee.

2012 event calendar:
19 May — Jūrmala Grand Prix, UCI 1.1
19 May — Jūrmala Cycling Marathon
5 August — Spice Rollerblade Marathon
26 August — Jūrmala MTB Marathon
9 September — Running half-marathon

More information and registering:

On Alpha Baltic Sport
Alpha Baltic Sport organises sports events since 2010. Summer marathon series takes place in the biggest Baltic resort city Jūrmala and includes the following: road cycling, rollerblading, mountain biking, and running. In 2011, Jūrmala marathon series gathered more than 8000 participants from 14 countries. official partner is Jūrmala City Council.

Kristīne Tjarve
Alpha Baltic Public relations department manager

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