Laris Strunke & Eva Lange "Base of Heart and Home"

The gallery "Māksla XO" presents the exhibition of Sweden-living Latvian artist Laris Strunke and Swedish sculptor Eva Lange "Base of Heart and Home" with the participation of artists themselves.

The outstanding painter Laris Strunke was born in 1931 in Riga, and he still is one of the most prominent artists in Sweden. He is a world-known artist, who is faithful to abstract painting and whose works rank at the top of the European abstract painting.

The paintings of Laris Strunke stand out with the nordic asperity, monumentality, extensiveness, clear forms and laconism, rhythm, and shaded and emotional nuances. His works are dominated by nature, space, shape, sign, situation.

Works of Swedish sculptor Eva Lange (1935, Stockholm) are without doubt examples of minimalism, which adds a strong emotional message to the simple and laconic forms and clear materials.

The artist has chosen special plaster mass for creating the large exhibition works. But smaller pieces of art are mostly made of marble, alabaster, granite, or glass, but environment objects are made of granite.

Eva Lange sees the world expressively and emotionally, her vision is full of peace and she manages to convey these feelings through her works.

Dates: 2012-05-31 - 2012-06-26
Place: Māksla XO
Address: Elizabetes iela 14

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