European Union Garden Festival – coming soon

Saturday, 12 May, at Vērmanes Garden in Riga, will see the central event of the Europe Week, the European Union Garden Festival. This year’s event will be dedicated to the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations, and the motto of the festival is "Let us be active through generations! Join in!"

For the fourth consecutive year, the European Union Garden Festival will bring together Rigans of all generations and visitors to the city. The aim of this year’s event is to raise awareness among general public about cooperation among various groups of society and to talk about the possibilities of exploring one’s own potential and adopting an active attitude disregarding age.

The EU Garden Festival will start at 12:00 with a musical procession and the festive opening of themed tents at Vērmanes Garden. All through the day, ten themed tents will be working: Digital Europe, Creative Europe, Youthful Europe, Green Europe, Productive Europe, Active Europe, Prosperous Europe, European Union House, Rīga 2014, The Danish Presidency at the Council of the EU.

Everybody will be able to visit the tents for information about active engagement, green thinking, career and education opportunities, patients’ right, direct payments, trends in the development of agriculture and industry and other sectors. What’s more, the festival’s guests of all generations will have an opportunity to take part in exciting activities, games and educative sessions. Special thought has been given to the festival’s youngest participants: several tents are planning lively and educative activities for children.

All day long, until 6 p.m, performers from Latvia, Poland Czech Republic, Sweden and Lithuania will take to the stage at Vērmane Garden. Besides, the free stage is to host artists of various generations who will play music, dance or perform.

All participants are welcome to take part in an exciting game, "Join in!", at the end of which the lucky winners will be chosen in a raffle and receive prizes.

About Europe Day

The origins of the Europe Day go back to 9 May 1950, five years after the end of World War II, when the Foreign Minister of France Robert Schumann conceived a plan to unite the coal and steel sectors of the European countries to prevent a chance of yet another war. The idea became reality and set a starting point for the European Union; therefore, 9 May is celebrated all over the European Union as Europe Day.

EU Garden Festival in Latvia

In Latvia, the EU Garden Festival has developed into an annual occasion when thousands of Rigans and visitors to the city gather at Vērmanes Garden for an active and positive day together. The event is organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in association with the European Commission Representation in Latvia, the European Parliament Information Office, the Riga City Council and the embassies of the European Union Member States in Riga. The event is financed under the Management Partnership concluded between the European Commission and the Government of Latvia.

Information prepared by:
Sandija Martinsone
Ideju Institūts

Press and Information Division

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