Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs conveys condolences on demise of prominent historian Heinrihs Strods

Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs conveys his deepest condolences to the relatives and the whole community of historians on the demise of Professor Heinrihs Strods.

Heinrihs Strods was one of the most erudite researchers of Latvian history, accentuates Minister Rinkēvičs, who himself was once a student of Professor Strods.

A number of Prof. Strods’ other former students who are currently working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remember their teacher as a knowledgeable, intellectually powerful, enthusiastic and principled personality.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs highly values the contribution by Professor, bearer of the Order of Three Stars, to research into the issues of the history of Latvia in the 20th century, identifying and evaluating new findings that help Latvian diplomats to explain the complicated history of our country.

The prominent historian once said that a negative or hostile attitude towards totalitarian occupation was not enough; one must also know and understand it. Otherwise the history of Latvia turns into a myth and is replaced by the new common ideas of globalists and former invaders.

Prof. Strods was also head of the research group at the Museum of Occupation and member of the Historians Commission of the President’s Chancellery, and several of his publications were issued under the aegis of these bodies.

Heinrihs Strods has written more than 20 books and 800 publications devoted to various issues of Latvian history. Prof. Strods was born on 20 April 1925 at Dviete

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