Flower fair and all about gardening at Summer Garden Festival 2012

"Summer Garden Festival 2012" an event for floriculturists and gardening enthusiasts offering a splendid display of flowers, variety of plants to add more colourful and sweet-smelling accents to orchards, balcony and patio gardens takes place at Kipsalal International Exhibition Centre from 29–31 May.

"Summer Garden Festival 2012" will inform audience about new flower species, seeds and planting technologies. Every visitor will have an opportunity to receive expert’s advice and consultations, to purchase all necessary for garden and gardening – planting material, flowers and decorative shrubs, garden furniture, as well as to get new ideas to implement in the garden.

Flowers, plants and seeding material grown in Latvia
The exhibition gives to visitors a chance to see and purchase flower, vegetable and decorative shrub plants, fertilizers, soil ameliorators, flower pots, all necessary gardening tools, as well as to find beautiful and useful things for landscaping and to seek useful tips about taking care of different plants and flowers.

A craft fair to delight visitors
Along with flowers and plants, visitors have an opportunity to buy homemade foods and pastries, different handcrafted household goods, textiles, leather articles and adornments.

Should you wish to exhibit at Summer Garden Festival 2012, please, contact the project manager on the telephone +371 67065010 or mail your request to: janis.abolins@bt1.lv no later than by 15 May.

Opening hours:
25–26 May 10.00–19.00
27 May 10.00–18.00

Read more: http://www.bt1.lv/vasarassvetki

"Summer Garden Festival 2012" is occurring simultaneously with the exhibition for babies' parents, preparatory and primary school children "Children's World 2012" and the event "Kas te? Es te! Ķīpsalā" aimed to kids aged 4-9.


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