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Exhibition "The Brilliance and Misery of Latvian Spas"

With the help of a large number of photographs exhibition reflects everyday life of the most popular Latvian spas of 1920-30s and depicts the situation of these once so popular spas today.

The exhibition demonstrates not only the services provided by the spas, but also looks at the history of their establishment and development. Some of the famed spas were destroyed by time, others – by people.

The golden times of spas when everybody respecting and loving themselves wanted to visit a spa to relax and restore strength can be viewed in the exhibition. It also features a collection of cups used to drink mineral water, a leisure chair from sanatorium of Tērvete, mechanic therapy apparatuses, uniforms of medical personnel, and various artworks made by patients who underwent work therapy.

The first sulphurous water treatment facility was opened in Bārbele way back in 1739. Other Latvian spas – Ķemeri, Baldone, Tērvete, Krimulda, Bīriņi, Liepāja have always been excellent and overcrowded places where rehabilitation of the body and relaxation of the mind were ensured according to the highest standards – mud applications, mineral water treatments, therapeutic exercises, walks in fresh air, and meals in gorgeous dining rooms.

Dates: 2012-05-18 - 2012-09-13
Place: The Pauls Stradins museum of the history of medicine
Address: Antonijas iela 1

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