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EXHIBITION: Truth, Myth and Bull$#)t

Drop by the Danish Cultural Institute as we from April 26 thru June 2nd present the exhibition "Truth, Myth and Bull$#)t" by Danish artist Yvonne Gerner and Latvian-American ceramics duo Skuja/Braden.

Yvonne Gerner has been living in Riga since her acceptance to the Latvian Art Academy in 1992 and has had her own workshop in the city since 1996. She is educated in graphic arts but uses many different techniques in an expression with a clear Asian inspiration. Read more about Ms. Gerner here.

The ceramics duo consisting of Latvian Inguna Skuja and American Melissa Braden has existed since 1999 and since then the two has been together on both form, design and expression of all of their artworks. Read more about them here.

The artists describe their exhibition "Truth, Myth and Bull$#)t":

"We are all seeking the truth and trying very hard to find our way in this crazy world of misleading information and intentional inaccuracies. Our airwaves, information systems, newspapers, magazines, and television are flooded with truths, myths and bullshit. By invoking the word bullshit along side truth, and myth in the title of this show, and working on these concepts simultaneously, while making works specifically for this show, we wish to cultivate a rich and fertile soil that might help illuminate some truths or lies about myths, symbols, icons, and stories that we have all heard."

Time and place

April 26 thru June 2. Opening hours: Weekdays 10am - 4pm + Sat. June 2, 10am - 4pm
The Danish Cultural Institute, Marijas street 13/3, 1. floor. Riga

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